Crescenza eller stracchino 1 kg


It’s a shortly aged, soft cheese, originally produced in Lombard region. Fresh, creamy, rich, its name is likely to derive from the Lombard dialect word carsenza which means cake. As a matter of fact, if left to rest for a long time, it forms a superficial crust which tends to crack, the same thing that happens to cakes while raising.

It’s also known as stracchino (from Lombard dialect s tracch, which means stanco, tired). This name comes from the milk of cows “tired” for the transhumance to the valley floor after the summer graze in the mountains.

At room temperature it is soft and ideal to be spread on bread.

Lately it has also been used as ingredient for pizzas.

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Ingredienser och allergener

Pasteurized cow’s Milk , salt, rennet, milk enzymes. No preservatives.
Allergens: Milk and products thereof, lactose and milk proteins.

Naringsvarde för 100 g
Energivärde Kcal 272 – Kj 1131
Fett g 22
varav mättade fettsyror g 15
Kolhydrat g 1,4
varav sockerarter g 1,4
Protein g 16
Salt g 1
food service only
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Available food service formats and packaging
Format Unit / box Boxes / layer Boxes / pallet
1 kg ca. 3 9 90
Available food service formats and packagingTTT
Unit / box 3
Boxes / layer 9
Boxes / pallet 90

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