Mozzarella för pizza

Liofilizzata julienne


Freeze-drying process, that consists in the complete dehydratation of frozen raw materials by sublimation under vacuum, ensures to the finished product following advantages:

nutritional value and organoleptic quality equal to those present in the fresh starting product;
reduced weight for the absence of water and thus easily manageable and more economic transportable;
the absence of water prevents the development of bacteria;
ease of use: the product is reconstitued with the addiction of water alone;
long shelf life: the absence of “free water” allows the freeze-dried product can have a long shelf life up to 24 months;
easy storage: the freeze-dried product does not require cold chain, it is sufficient store it in a dry place at room temperature, with consequent reduction of the costs of storage.
regeneration of the freeze-dried product:

Place the freeze-dried mozzarella in plentiful lukewarm water;
Wait about 40 minutes (20 minutes if you use hot water); even if the product remains in the water for a long time, it absorbs only the water present in the fresh starting product.
Drain the mozzarella and use it.
Regenerating 1 kg of freeze-dried product it can obtained approssimately 2 kg of “fresh” mozzarella.

Mozzarella, once regenerated, assumes all the characteristics of the fresh product and can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days.

Produkt datablad - PDF
Ingredienser och allergener

Pasteurized cow’s Milk , salt, rennet, milk enzymes. No preservatives.
Allergens: Milk and products thereof, lactose and milk proteins.

Naringsvarde för 100 g
Energivärde Kcal 589 – Kj 2448
Fett g 44
varav mättade fettsyror g 30
Kolhydrat g 5
varav sockerarter g 0
Protein g 43
Salt g 2
food service only
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Available food service formats and packaging
Format Unit / box Boxes / layer Boxes / pallet
300 g 6 16 112
10 kg 1 8 24
Available food service formats and packagingTTT
Unit / box 6 1
Boxes / layer 16 8
Boxes / pallet 112 24

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