Abbasciano Quality


We have only introduced last-generation machinery as a substitute to manual labor in the areas that required repetitive actions, while our expert cheese makers have remained in charge of product preparation and quality control.
This allows us to provide different customers with “personalized” products, ensuring that our company can remain a leader in the market. Slight differences in the quality of our products are possible, from time to time. This is the typical ”flaw” of handcrafted products, yet at the same also the clearest indication of their quality.

  • Raw materials

    abbasciano lavorazioni materie prime

    Raw materials

    Fresh milk is the most important raw material. This is carefully selected and comes from certified stables, with strict controls on animal feeds and welfare. We have carefully chosen the most suitable lactic acid bacteria, so that we can make our cheese healthy and authentic without adding preservatives.

  • Milk coagulation

    abbasciano lavorazioni coagulazione latte

    Milk coagulation

    Our cheesemakers add lactic acid bacteria to the milk and, after an incubation period, the rennet. As milk coagulates, this results in the curd, which once separated from the whey, is “dried” and left to rest for maturation.

  • Pasta-filata cheese

    abbasciano lavorazioni pasta filata

    Pasta-filata cheese

    Our cheesemakers work the curd with hot water; the stretched "pasta filata" curd is then hand-woven or placed in a moulder to obtain different shapes. Thus begins the cooling and firming phase in dedicated tanks.

  • Whey

    abbasciano lavorazioni siero


    The whey left over as milk coagulates is heated and processed in special boilers. Traditional ricotta is obtained this way and collected manually in special molds, ready for the draining and cooling phase.

  • Smoking

    abbasciano lavorazioni affumicatura


    Some of our products are smoked, according to tradition, in wood ovens. This way, they take on a color that varies from golden to more or less dark brown, obtaining an unmistakable aroma and taste.

  • Packaging

    abbasciano lavorazioni confezionamento


    The experience of our cheesemakers, the versatility of our production systems, the variety of formats available and the flexibility in packaging solutions (bags, vacuum packs, trays, etc.), allow us to provide our customers with tailor-made products.