Passion since 1957

The Company


Our first Mozzarella production in Trento dates back to January 1957. At that time all we had at our disposal were the typical tools of an Apulian farmhouse of the time: wooden troughs and instruments, a copper cauldron, and a wood burning stone fireplace. All operations were carried out manually. Great professionalism was necessary to obtain prime quality products. Even though our products (at the time mainly mozzarella and ricotta) were basically unknown in our region, local customers soon learned to appreciate them.

A lot has been accomplished since then, but always respecting tradition. We have only introduced machinery as a substitute to manual labor in the areas that required repetitive actions, while our expert cheese makers have remained in charge of product preparation and quality control.

This allows us to provide different customers with “personalized” products, ensuring that our company can remain a leader in the market. Slight differences in the quality of our products are possible, from time to time. This is the typical ”flaw” of handcrafted products, yet at the same also the clearest indication of their quality.


Since 1957, Abbasciano is an Italian family company interpreting nutrition as an important moment of the day, full of taste, affection and sharing. We provide quality offerings made of tasty and safe products.
We believe in the Italian food model that combines quality ingredients and careful processing, offering experiences and flavors of the best dairy tradition.
Our gratitude towards the people of Trentino, our deep love for Trento, our respect for the Apulian tradition, and our courage and interest in innovation inspire our way of being and motivate the people we work with.


Abbasciano’s production uses state-of-the-art technology and is organized with the aim of optimizing processes and limiting energy consumption. Where possible, we choose local companies as business partners, in order to shorten transport distances and reduce the impact of procurement. Our primary and secondary packaging are designed to have the highest level of safety and protection with the lowest environmental impact, therefore choosing light and recyclable solutions.

Our History


The Beginning

roduction begins in the small laboratory in Piazza Garzetti in the heart of Trento. With little more than pastoral equipment, 2-300 liters of milk were processed per day. The workforce consisted of Giuseppe Abbasciano and his three sons.


Our First Employees

The business moves to Trento’s via Druso, near the San Giorgio bridge. The first two employees are hired.


Rapid Growth

The growing demand leads to a leap in size: a new 500 square meter headquarters in the Gardolo area, built specifically to contain a dairy, with state-of-the-art equipment and 15 employees.


Our Factory

Our last move was to our current factory in via Alto Adige in north Trento. The factory has a covered area of 5,000 square meters and state-of-the-art equipment.


New Technologies

All production plants are revolutionized by installing the latest technologies on the market. The staff consists of 30 people.

Abbasciano in the World

Abbasciano dans le monde

Through the expertise we have acquired, our passion for our work and the will to always supply our customers with authentic and top-quality products, we have become a highly recognized company, both nationally and internationally. We were able to enter markets which would have been unthinkable to our company’s founder Giuseppe Abbasciano, such as most of Europe, the United Kingdom, Japan and Mauritius.